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Sorry. No can do.Two minutes into the closing last night the borrower found a problem on the HUD Settlement Statement, called the loan officer, and was instructed by the loan officer to not sign the documents -- that they would be re-drawn.  I hardly had a chance to finish filling out my notary journal.

I had spent time downloading the documents and printing them out, then sitting at my desk and preparing everything for the closing.  I even had the FedEx envelope prepared for shipping the documents back. Then I drive to the closing. All of that -- only to find out that the borrower would not sign the documents.

Was it all for nothing?

If I took the attitude that it was all 'for nothing', I wouldn't be a professional.  My job, in a situation like this, is to put on a poker face.  I can't let what I'm feeling inside show on the outside.  It's not the borrower's fault, so there is no point in trying to lay a guilt trip on him. In fact, I did just the opposite.  The borrower apologized, but I assured him that he shouldn't feel sorry.  I let him know that I'm the one who is sorry that he is experiencing this. 

This is part of being a notary signing agent.  We are going to experience frustration and disappointment.  It comes with the turf.  And how we deal with it is important.  After all, we are representing the lender, and the borrower is forming impressions of the lender by the actions that we take.  When we call the company that hired us, we want to avoid expressing any frustration, or asking how much we will be compensated.

I called the signing company and told them what happened, and that the borrower would not be signing that evening.  She told me to file a report on the web site. 

handshakeI again expressed my sincere concern to the borrower about the problem, and hoped that he is able to get it resolved. 

We shook hands and I left.


If there is any consolation, I will be called to do the closing when everything is in order.


P.S.  The thing I really dread is having to shred all of those documents that I printed.




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Unfortunately, if the HUD was wrong it needs to be corrected.  Who gets paid for your visit is anyone's guess.

Jan 08, 2009 11:55 PM
Charlie Ragonesi
AllMountainRealty.com - Big Canoe, GA
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Deals often fall aaprt over the fine print. I read them all . As much as I dislike the process. hopefully lesson learned. But for sure not fun

Jan 09, 2009 12:11 AM