Oak Ridge, Tennessee 4th Quarter Market Study 2008

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2009 Housing Market Prediction


According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Knoxville home prices fell a mere .5% (one half percent) in October compared to 10.4% across the country. The article said it was a slight improvement over September.

I wrote about the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, third quarter. My numbers showed that there are some "hot" selling houses in Oak Ridge.

There was another good article about home sales in the Sentinel today. It explains the poor numbers for the whole housing market in 2008. It may not be a big surprise that the housing market was worse in 2008 than we knew and, in some cases, the worse in 18 years.

What this means for you if you are selling right now is that if the house prices are going down, which for the most part they are, in order to sell right now, you may have to price your house ahead of the market. Ahead of the market means below the "market price," which might be that lowest price your real estate agent mentioned in their CMA. Some agents recommend pricing 10% below the market price. The really good news is that you may make up this amount, or make more, when you buy your new house at a discount.

Another news item that will affect home prices is that the rules for appraisers are about to get even stricter. I will be on the lookout, but I could not find an article about this online; it was just announced this week. This will mean your house will have to compare in price strictly with very recent sales, close proximity, and the market trend (meaning if it's going down, your price may have to be down.)

More good news, though, is the constantly dropping interest rates. Who would have ever dreamed 30 years ago that you could lock in a mortgage rate of 4%? Will they go lower? I have heard a rumor that they may reach 3%!

Well, the prediction articles were hard to find, except in foreign countries, and they decided to quit predicting for now. But, hopefully you have some good, current information to help you make some decisions based on your particular situation. Be wise. Get plenty of professional advice. Listen to your gut. Write down your goals. Review your track record.






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