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The following experience is something I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about, however; since this happened I can't seem to push it aside. It's weighing heavy on my mind, and lingering in my thoughts. I went to sleep thinking about it. Woke up around 5:30 this morning and there it was- THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT ABOUT. It's a bit graphic so BEWARE.

Yesterday morning I finally decided to begin my exercise routine (YES I'M 8 DAYS LATE); you know what they say. Anyway, 40 minutes in I'm feeling the burn with 25 min left before I'm done and all of a sudden I hear 'GET OUT OF THE CAR'!! 'PULL OVER AND GET OUT OF THE CAR'!! I look to my right and saw a black Dodge Charger driving around to the back of the gas station next to me. I can remember thinking how nice it looked.........all black and shiny, tinted windows etc. To my surprise I was about 20 steps from a police standoff.

Suddenly 6 cops had surrounded this vehicle, guns drawn, tazers going off, shouting, the works! The person refused to stop, or come out of the car. He really had nowhere to go since there were dozens of police cars (marked and unmarked) surrounding him. Determined not to give in, he continued trying to maneuver his way out of the parking lot and onto the street. I couldn't believe he was still trying to get away eventhough he was surrounded by about 7 cops all with their guns drawn AND POINTED AT HIM! As I'm standing there watching this, hoping my eyes were deceiving me, I heard the shots, multiple shots, repeatedly being riddled into the car. At this point reality kicked in and I instinctively ran for refuge in a local insurance company that was in the plaza and conveniently behind me. I pulled on the door but it was locked! Frantic, I banged on the glass door and locked eyes with the receptionist, praying she would have mercy and let me in. Safely inside, we stood back and continued to watch things unfold in the parking lot.

Cops still had the car and fugitive surrounded and continued firing into the car, the person was still trying to maneuver his way out of the parking lot. One of the cops jumped on the hood of the car and fired 3 shots through the windshield. At that point I knew whoever was behind the tinted car windows was dead. The suspects car continued to roll; slowly in reverse, and stopped when it "jumped the curb" and hit a tree. Things went quiet for a few seconds, then the police lowered their guns, approached the car and opened the doors. There laid a lifeless body, slumped over.

I exited the insurance company (which was only a few feet from this monsterous disaster) and attempted to get back on the sidewalk to go home. I realized they were taping off the entire parking lot, plaza and that street so I knew I had to get out of there otherwise I would be locked in for hours while they investigated.

As I managed to get back on the sidewalk and walked around the gas station I heard loud noises from above- it was a local news helicopter above the scene. As I tried to ignore the chaos mounting around me I heard more loud noises in the air. I looked up and there were 3 more choppers racing to film the scence. 5 min later........ they were hoovering on the outskirts of where everything happened. I guess the police told them to get back or something.

As I walked further and further from the scence I began to feel weak, and sad at the same time. Thoughts of life in general, and my own life invaded my mind. I was sad because I was thinking how we get up each morning and disregard and take for granted the breaths we take, the luxuries we can afford, our families, friends, and pets, not knowing if when we walk out the door if they will still be there when we return. Or if we ourselves will return for that matter.

On my way home as I passed people in the street, I was nicer than usual. Before I got home I had made about 4 calls to people I thought should be reminded that I loved them desperately and appreciate them being a part of my life.

Finally home I hugged my dog, took a long hot shower and went over the events that had happened. Knowing that things could've happened differently I realized that I could've been the one not returning home yesterday. Instead of dwelling on the "what if", "could've", and "suppose", I've decided to focus on the reality of what is...........and that is, despite of everything I'm truly grateful and humbled. This experience has definately reaffirmed what I already know - there is a higher power, and even tough we may not always deserve it, he will always be watching and taking care of us.

Regardless of what you've experienced last year with your business or personal life-know that despite it all you're still BLESSED!


Russell Lewis
Realty Austin, Austin Texas Real Estate - Austin, TX

Ardell, this is shocking story. We read about and see on television incidents like this all the time. Actually experiencing something of this extreme nature affects us more deeply than can be imagined. I am glad you were able to voice this here and hope you also have folks you an talk to about this in your group of friends and family. You are also so right that no matter our circumstances, they pale in light of the tragedies of others.

Feb 26, 2009 10:15 PM

Hello Russell,

Thank you for your kind words and concern. After I posted this I wasn't sure that I had made the best decision in doing this, but I got over that notion a while ago.

For some reason I still think about that day and can still see that unfortunate gentleman's face in my mind. I guess because I actually do business with the insurance company that was mentioned in the post, so each time I go there I'm mentally taken back to that day.

As a matter of fact; I went in there yesterday. The lot was full so I ended up parking under the tree where everything came to a standstill. I told myself not to look, but I couldn't help it........the marks are still in the parking lot where investigators marked a step by step scenario of everything that happened. I'm surprised it's still there- I always thought they used chalk for that.

Well, good to hear from you. Thankyou Again, and all the best.


Feb 28, 2009 07:22 AM