Alternative (Green) Energy: Sun, Wind and Geo-thermal the trend in Real Estate in North Fork Wine Country

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Alternative or Green energy is no longer just for the rich and famous, or just for the environmental elite: today most home owners can benefit from reductions in their utility bills on the North Fork and feel good about their contribution to saving the environment! And the investment needed, with the help of LIPA and other grants and rebates is now within reach of ordinary Americans!

Eastern Energy Systems, or E2Systems is one of the most interesting young companies helping North Forkers understand the newest technology.

For home buyers on the North Fork, or for second home owners, or actually for anyone with a home or business property in Long Island it will pay to talk to E2 Systems and be as suprised as I was how far technology has come, how much you can save, and how inexpensive the installation has become, especially after rebates and grants. Wouldn't it be a fascinating thing to start seeing your electric meter turning : IN REVERSE? Knowing that you are not being charged by LIPA? Or see your pool exactly at the right temperature - courtesy of the Sun?

Time to check things out. When you are looking to purchase a home it will pay to take into account the opportunities the particular property you are interested in might have for Solar or wind Energy, because some properties are easier to convert than others. The exposure and orientationvis a vis the Sun, trees, and other factors may inflence how easy/expensive it would be to use alternative energy.

You do need a knowleadgeable realtor to guide you to local Green Homes and connect you to people who can advise you in alternative energy! Call Nicholas or Joan or visit our website for more information! Our logo is a windmill; now you know why!

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