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09 redo, about you...

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Okay, so yes, it has been a long time yet again since I tried to do some writing in my blog. I would like to say I have so many legitiamate excuses, maybe some actually are, but I don't. I'm lazy. I admit it. I enjoy the Wii too much. I enjoy movies, music, food, too much. And there in lies the problem.

Too much stuff, not enough results.

Where is all of this coming from? I took a look back at 08, and realized that my year was less than I had hoped.  Yes, the economy is shot, the world is falling apart, my retirement fund is empty, but those things are out of my control. I can control my expenses, my time, my abilites. So, these thoughts in mind, I have a plan.

Actually, that is my first step. A new business plan. I have been part time, full time at half speed for too long. So starting now, I will change. The opportunity to be successful this year is in my hands. Forget the economy, people still need new homes. People still change jobs. First time home buyers are getting great deals.

Yes, my rambling blog is finally convincing me that now is the time.

I start with a new business plan. One conceived by myself looking from the outside in. I will pretend that I am just starting out in the business, and go from there. Then a new website. Then a million new clients!!!!!!!!!!!

Lofty goals, but goals nontheless.

So bear with me kiddos, as I try not to get lost in the cracks this year, as I try to be successful, as I try to overcome the media hype, as I try to outlast the long term vets who have been here before. Bear with me my friends, and maybe we can all learn a little something new together.

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You gonna have a great 2009, I promise. After all it's a career not a year. Have a great one.

Apr 04, 2009 11:32 AM