Grave Sites and Development

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It happens everywhere; for the most part.  Development.  With development comes a few things hard to ignore, like the sudden scampering of animals; namely deer, the new homes right next to an old abandoned farmhouse, maybe some fishing ponds that look out of place, but the one thing you may notice or may NOT notice at first; is grave sites. 

In the was commonplace to bury family members on the farmstead (which is a cool term for family land).  Some sites found can date back to the 1700's and those parcels of land can be forgotten by family members over time believe it or not.  Recently in Wake County developers have been discovering more grave sites as they start clearing land for new subdivisions.  At first sites could be hard to see because tomb stones weren't always the practice to bury, some just used flat markings some as a unique rock flat with the soil. 

When these sites are found the developers either preserve the site, contact surviving relatives and let them handle the site, or dig up the graves and re-intern them.  Sometimes it could cost $5K-$10k per grave so it can really get expensive.  So if you ever thought developing land was easy and had no obstacles....I could put up an argument.

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