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In Praise of Modular Homes

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One of the main advantages of purchasing a Modular home is that it will generally cost 20-40% less than a comparable home built on-site, while meeting and many times exceeding the same quality standards.

But, the savings doesn't stop there. Modular homes are built to precise specs, for a very energy-efficient, tight construction, which will reduce your heating bills in the winter, and will lower your air conditioning costs in the summer.

Factory precision construction has another benefit. Decide to purchase a modular house and you'll be helping the environment, too! By using precise cutting methods, and by reusing extra materials, the construction of a modular house generates far less waste (50-75% less) than does the construction of a traditional home. Just walk by a new home construction project and estimate how many dumpsters of waste it takes to build a home on site.

You can also choose to install bright beautiful floors made from readily-replenishable bamboo crops, further decreasing your home's carbon footprint.

If it is true that, as goes the old adage, "Time is money," then further savings will be realized when you find yourself moving into your new modular home in as little as 3 weeks after you've ordered it. Modular homes can be built in a factory in as little as 1-2 weeks. It usually takes another 2-4 weeks for your local tradesmen to connect the utilities and complete the home.

A terrific source for exploring all types of prefabricated homes and buildings - including modular - is a website called PrefabExpo.com. You just enter the Zip code of your planned building site, select from a pulldown list of building systems (modular, manufactured, panelized, geodesic, etc.), and the site returns to you a list of everything available for your building location, with pictures, plans, specifications, and direct links to the manufacturer's product pages. It will certainly save you some driving around during the initial stages of your selection process.

Since an off-site built home is built to meet or exceed the same standards as an home built on site, it should appreciate at the same rate as a comparable on-site-built home. Unlike manufactured or mobile homes, a seller of an off-site built home doesn't have to keep a state or federal insignia on the home stating that it was built in a factory. That's because the state considers a modular home to be fundamentally the same as an on-site-built home, and so should you!




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