Boys in Black field trip

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I have two children.  One daughter with which my husband and I will be expecting our first grandchild in late June, and a son in 7th grade.  My son is in a group that teaches what priest are called to do and their responsibilities of the church.  They are called Boys In Black.  Yesterday I drove the boys to a field trip on the Little Rock Airforce base.  We had a wonderful time.  The Lieutenant Colonel was so kind to show the boys the new C-130 J model both inside and outside of the craft.  He took many "funny" questions from grades third up to eight grade.  Trust me they were very interested in many things.  We also toured their base chapel and watched a Video of the Chaplain appointed to a 4 month tour in Afganistan.  We learned many leasons of how our men and women in the military serve, not just our country, but the humanitarian missions in other countries that is not always known to the public.  They sacrifice living conditions, very cold and desolate places in that areas where they may be disconnected from all communications.  It was amazing to me to see such destitute communities, one followed by another.  We take many things for granted.  The one thing I noticed the most was their lack of education for little girls.  They had one building way out in the mountains (looked like the only building for miles), that housed all ages for girls.  The men and women who teach these girls risk their lives to educate them.  I can't say enough thanks for a life that I can go to a warm home, to cooked meals that I share with my family, and clean drinking water. 

My Thanks to the men and women who serve the United States of America!


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