Waiting for a closing confirmation

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I got a call to do a closing. I agreed to do it.

waiting for a closing confirmationI waited for a closing confirmation so I could start preparing. None came. An hour later. Still no confirmation. I called the company. Someone other than the person I spoke to answered and told me that they are still getting the loan documents together.

I explained that I need a confirmation, or some information so I at least know where I'm going. I also want to contact the borrowers. 

Colorado Springs to PuebloThat person told me that the closing isn't in Colorado Springs, as I was told.  It's actually in Pueblo.

Pueblo is more than 40 miles away.  I said, the distance is no problem, but I'll need more money than what was agreed to. 

But most of all, I need a confirmation or some information about the borrowers. She said they would send one 'shortly'.



waiting for a confirmationStill waiting, and still no confirmation.

And I still have no idea who the borrowers are, where they are (except that they are in Pueblo), or anything.



Finally, after more than 2 hours, I called and told them to take me off of the assignment. I told the person that I got another call to do a closing.  The person I spoke to said she understood.

The person who called me the first time called back.  She was angry that I accepted another closing.  She said: 'But I already gave the borrowers your name.'

I thought it was odd that she could give the borrowers my name, but she couldn't give me their name, and the information I needed to find out where I'm going, contact them, etc.

I can understand late documents, or the prospect that they wouldn't even have any documents until 15 minutes before the closing.  That happens. But at least send a confirmation, or the borrowers information, so the notary signing agent can prepare themselves for where they're going, allow them to introduce themselves to the borrowers, let them know that a photocopy of their ID is needed, etc.  If they had been up front with me and told me the situation, I would have understood.  And I probably would have stayed with that assignment.

I sometimes think that the people in these companies don't realize what it's like to actually have to be the one driving to these closings in remote locations. And that it's not a simple matter of emailing the documents 15 minutes before the closing and the closer is 'good to go'.

It would be nice if it were that simple.



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