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Ohio CRS Networking Group

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Several Ohio Certified Residential Specialist agents have just started a state wide group that meets via teleconference every 2 weeks.  We all found it is a wonderful way in this down market to find out what is going on in other parts of your state.  What is working for other agents,  what has not worked. 

The difference between this and your association groups is that we have the best interest of each other and their business as our first priority.  Most Association are really a business that needs to make money thus their priority is to get a breathing agent that will pay DUES.  It makes it tougher for the good strong agent.

With the industry shaking out in 2009 we all hope that the good semi professional agent that works hard for the buyer/seller is not the one we lose but it may be.  The agent that needs to make a living off of Real Estate may dwindle and the agent that does not need to sell but one or two homes in 2009 may remain in the business because they do not need to sell anything anyways and are subsidized by a spouse that has a job.  Thus they will  be around in December and the Agent that feeds their family from 15-30 commission sales in the past may leave the industry because there just may not be the sales out there to support that professional agent.  Part time agents give our industry a bad opinion rating. Encourage your local Board Associations to raise the dues.  They would make just as much money,  have less agents to watch over and the opinion of our industry would increase with more professional agents.

I encourage you all to join together and unify in your areas to help the good strong professional agent make it through this trying time for us all. Start your own group and build each other up and find out what to spend your time on and where not to spend your time.

We have a FREE Conference Call number we call into and all of us get on line together and talk for one hour.

Ralph Renninger
Key Realty - Powell, OH

Great ideas to help us all in many ways.


Jan 11, 2009 12:11 AM