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Following an earlier "re-blog" of RealBird's blog post "Google Street View gets massive new coverage"(sorry that makes this a "re-re-blog).

Anyway Realbird has now posted the below blog which is giving you a chance to "WIN" a Google Blog link to one of your listings. For full details, read Realbird's post below.

So read the post below and then go a sign up for your chance to "WIN".

Original content by RealBird Real Estate Marketing

In March 2008, - when we released the Google Street View integration for the RealBird single property websites -, we were fortunate to be presented as one of the a case studies on one of Google's own blogs. Even better, they linked to one of the property websites we featured as an example. That's right, an editorial link directly from Google herself to a then active, for-sale listing. Unfortunately, that particular property website has been deleted by our client and that led to an interesting situation: there is a link currently active on one of Google's very own blogs, pointing to a RealBird property website with "Property information no longer available" content. Now that's a waste of link love and goodwill, don't you think? We would like to redirect this link to a current listing website of one of our members. So here we go:


To be fair to all of our current and future clients, we decided that we are going to randomly select a RealBird listing which has Street View coverage available.


  1. Be a real estate agent/broker - residential or commercial
  2. Be the listing agent/broker of the property advertised
  3. Street View coverage must be available for your property address

In order to participate for free, all you have to do is:

  1. Post your listing on RealBird (signup or login to create your property website, it's free)
  2. Copy your RealBird single property website Url below as a comment

That's it. Please note, that we can only redirect to a listing website for which Google Street View is available because the Google post is explicitly referencing 3rd party Street View implementations. Other than that, any type of listing will work (residential, commercial, rental etc.)

The sweepstakes will run till January 17, 2009. No purchase is necessary, the RealBird Listing Publisher is a free service. We will randomly select the listing from the entries submitted as a comment.

There are three distinct benefits here:

  1. Direct click-through traffic from Google's blog
  2. Direct link from Google's blog for SEO
  3. Most importantly: another power-marketing tool to present for your current and future sellers. This is a one time, special and a lucky opportunity for all of us. I am not aware of any other time, when a for-sale property was directly linked from Google's blog. Google is such a huge brand that all of your sellers will instantly recognize the value of their listing being linked from Google's blog. And even better, that is an achievement they will attribute to you, their real estate professional.

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-- Zoltan

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Jeff&Grace Safrin
F.C.Tucker 1st Team Real Estate - Valparaiso, IN

We get more calls from Realbird listings lately - love that site! Too bad we missed the contest :( that was way cool!



Jan 29, 2009 07:03 AM