Consumer Warning About Lead

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Please Please Please Take Every Precaution possible before you begin remodeling or renovating your DE Home.  Often homes built prior to 1978 Have Lead Based Paint!

Please have the area TESTED for Lead-based paint!

Do not use a belt-sander, propane torch, high temperature heat gun, dry scraper, or dry sandpaper to try to remove any lead-based paint.  When you do these things those actions create a very large amount of lead dust that Could remain in your home for months! Much longer after the work is done!

If you have children please temporarily move your family.  If you are a pregnant women especially move out of the home until the work is done and the area is properly cleaned.

If you would like to know more about protecting yourself from Lead in the home please visit me and ask for my FREE REPORT at: It's yours for the asking so get your FREE COPY today!

Thanks and remember to always follow important Safety measures when working with lead based paint.


Tom Davis

Tom Davis is a DE REALTOR (R) Concerned About Our Delaware Community

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