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So have you been in touch with any Delaware Real Estate Agents?  Are you working with a REALTOR(R) or shopping on your own?  Have you signed papers with that agent (if you did) or are they just showing you a few homes here and there?  These questions I will ask you when we first meet about Buying a DE Home!  If you have not signed any papers or never met any other Delaware Real Estate Agents than we may be a perfect match in terms of what I can do for you as a Buyers Agent. Another Important Question... Have you spoken to a lender yet to determine how low your mortgage rate will be?  If I found you a home that you really liked , when would you want to move in?  These are important questions that only YOU can answer! 

What methods have you used to date to find your perfect home?  Most likely you may say Newspaper ads, magazine ads, THE INTERNET for sure, open houses, etc! 

Right Now My Main Question To YOU is: Would It Benefit you, Mr. Buyer if I were to GIVE YOU TECHNOLOGY for FREE that would Update you DAILY on what homes have come on the market?

IF YOU ANSWERED.... YES Tom Davis REALTOR(R) Send Me Homes Now..... then I'd be happyy to go over the details of that technology... we need to get together to discuss it!

You may also get a start early as I'm usually ONLINE RIGHT NOW!  Visit: www.FreeHomeSearch.DreamStation.com to check out DE Homes that will meet your home needs!

With This DE homes technology you will be EMAILED everytime something comes out that meets your criteria!  Save time, money and above all else...Frustration! 

Hope this helps so hop on over now!


Tom Davis


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