Express Tax Spreadsheets "Organization is the key to Success!"

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Express Tax Spreadsheets

"Organization is the key to Success!"

 Whether you hire someone to prepare your taxes or attempt to create forms yourself, it is important that your papers be in order for this Tax Season.  Organizing your tax-related documents is not just project for the evening of April 13th. Good tax organization is a year-round process that helps you  get all your available deductions when filing.

Some problems when you are disorganized during tax time:

You have a high risk of misplacing important documents and receipts.

You become frustrated and try to rush to your accountant the day before deadline.

You get charged more money if your accountant has to decipher loads of information to make suitable tax sense. You eventually lose deductions because you are unorganized.

How to have a better tax filing situation? Make preparations now for the deadline by getting organized!

Create a box, folder file, or file cabinet that will hold your year round paper storage.  Create files for receipts, bank  statements, credit cards, anything that you have spent money on in your business.  This organization helps you with the retrieval process when it is time to prepare your taxes.

The benefits of getting an Express Tax Spreadsheet prepared:

Saves you time and money during the most complicated time of the year.

Allows you to get maximum deductions.

Creates a system for future tax filings.

Alerts your accountant  to only charge you for tax filing and not tax organization.

Provides proper storage of Tax information.

 Express Tax Spreadsheet Layout

The Express Tax  Spreadsheet will be created using all available information you may have identifying what amounts are to be used as deduction on your  current year tax filing. The most common form of documentation normally is a receipt proving that a product or service was paid for during the current tax year.  The Express Tax Spreadsheet will have the following categories:  Food & Drink, Tolls, Car Expense, Cell Phone Expense, Advertising Expense, Clothing Expense, Gift/Charities, Miscellaneous, Medical Expense, Mileage, Housing (interest, upgrades, repairs, etc.).  These categories should cover the basis for self-employed individuals such as Realtors.  Documentation for Stocks, Bonds, IRAs, or any other investment vehicles should be presented to your Tax Advisor.

Express Tax Spreadsheet Pricing

Express Tax Spreadsheet Includes:

1 GB flash drive for storage (yearly storage usage)

1 Hard Copy of Spreadsheet

1 File Folder for Spreadsheet

Pick up & Return Deliver of Receipts

5 day turn around from pick up date

Investment:  $60.00


Receipts do not have to be organized.  The service covers organization of receipts, however; receipts must be legible in order to be placed properly in the right column on spreadsheet to be verified by your tax accountant.  ETS service must be contacted 1 day in advance prior to picking up documentation to begin spreadsheet processing.  Service can be ordered either by telephone or via-email.  The investment is non refundable.  ETS will update spreadsheet up to 3 times for free.  After spreadsheet has been updated 3 times, an additional fee of $10.00 will be added for each additional update needed.  Information that needs to be included on spreadsheet must be mailed to 9 Redding Estates; Middletown, DE  19709 along with the update fee. Update fee may be in the form of check or money order. In the form of a check, spreadsheet will be delivered once check clears. You will be contacted once updates are complete.  Updates may occur if documents are misplaced or not included in initial pickup of documentation.  This is why organization is so important during tax time.  It saves you time and money!


Clifton Skinner  302-373-5231 

9 Redding Estates, Middletown, DE  19709  M-F  10am-5pm

To all who are interested in ETS, forward me an email and you will receive a power point presentation.  This is a great way to organize for 2008 Tax information to properly present to your tax accountant.

-Clifton Skinner  Realtor/Accoutant  CLIFTONSKINNER.LNFRE.COM


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