Mortgages are Confusing, Help Answer the "Can I Afford it?" Question

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Whether you have a personal blog or are managing content for a big real estate portal your primary objective should be helping people buy homes. That very simply means answering some basic questions about homes for sale, quality of the community, and most importantly--"Can I afford it?"

I can't tell you how many real estate sites I visit and consult that don't help me with this fundamental question. How many website visitors do you think didn't take the next step to contacting your or making an inquiry because you didn't give them some simple guidance on mortgages.

Mortgages are notoriously confusing to new home buyers. These days it is even more daunting with every major news outlet blasting doom and gloom. There is no excuse to make this simple, but lead killing question go away quickly in the borrowers mind--add a free mortgage calculator.

Let me show you how easy this can be:

1. Find free mortgage calculators at Google Gadgets or WidgetBox by searching for "mortgage calculators
2. Here is one I like to use that offers mortgage calculators and content widgets:
3. Select the content or calculator widget that you think will best answer your Web visitors' questions about mortgages
4. I picked one on mortgage payment to answer, "Can I afford this home?"
5. Click the "download code" button. It will show you this:

<div class="mlc-objectBox" id="PaymentCalculator">
<script type="text/javascript">toolId="PaymentCalculator"</script>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
href="" />
<h2>Mortgage Calculator</h2>
<iframe frameborder="no" src=";toolbgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;v=3&amp;width=190&amp;height=263&amp;size=small"     style="width: 190px; height:210px" type="text/html"></iframe>
<p class="center"><a href="">Mortgage Calculator &copy; ML</a></p>

6. It looks a little intimidating, but if you copy that mess of HTML code and paste it into your ActiveRain custom sidebar or WordPress widgets, you will have a nice little dynamic mortgage calculator.

How effective is this at generating leads for you?

Well, I will help you answer this question for you. Go to any pop-up or online banner advertisement for mortgage or real estate. If you click on it 99% of them will send you straight to a mortgage calculator.

Yes, this has been the simple little secret that has been fueling the mortgage and real estate lead generation industry for years. Now you know the secret and you can do it too. Give it a try and happy selling more homes!

Here are a couple of good examples that I found:

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