Keller's Book, "Shift" Is a Great and Timely Read

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I read recently that President Bush, often criticized for not being very intelligent, reads 60-90 books per year WHILE HOLDING DOWN THE JOB AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, POSSIBLY THE MOST TAXING JOB ON THE PLANET!  Ok, well, that got my attention since I read about four books a year including a couple of newspaper pull-outs from Target and I was duly shamed.  So, I have set a goal of fifty books this year.  Yes, 50.  That's a lot for me.  It will mean turning off the t.v. set a couple of hours earlier each day which means I won't be able to hear the CNN reports that the world is basically turning to mush around us. 

I started my new undertaking with a great real estate book, "Shift" by Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams International.  Now, I'm from a different brand so I'm not a KW agent scoring points for the team leader.  But I've become a fan of Keller's after having read his other works, "Millionaire Real Estate Agent" and "Millionaire Real Estate Investor".  Keller has an accounting background and can work the numbers behind a real estate business like everyone should be able to but few can.  In this new book, Keller gives us some great ideas on how to prosper in a shifting market.  This isn't a "pump you up" book although it does that, also.  It's a practical, meat-and-potatoes guide/reminder filled with information that will help us all get through this down time.  I think you'll like the book, let me know what you're reading.

Well, gotta go.  I've heard Wal-Mart has a new insert in the paper today. 

Keep 'er steady.

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