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                I just wanted to take a minute and give you an update on the market.  (Like you need one! )

 Two remarkable stories in the Grand Rapids press this weekend really put into words what I have been telling people who ask, and it was great to see that same information validated by the GR Press.

 I know it's been a rough year for sellers.  It's been a rough year for almost everyone in this economy.  We've all seen our home values plummet, and we've all wondered what the best thing to do is.  Wait? Sell? fire-sale? short sale? foreclosure?  Many buyers are in a dilemma because money lending practices are more stringent, and the plethora of home choices make it difficult to make a decision for many.

Now, more than ever, more and more homes selling are foreclosures.  Just last month, nearly 70 percent of the homes sold in the entire GRAR real estate board were foreclosures.  Unbelievably high! That's right 70%!

If you are one of the sellers in this market, and you think your agent is not doing a good job about representing you, take a closer look at their regular efforts, and their marketing materials.   You may be more surprised to find out they are doing more than you know.

If you are a real estate agent and have a seller call you for an update, you may want to take a look at your personal contact plan.  Buyers and sellers are just people who have questions, sometimes they think about what's going on,  but do not ask, so it's up to you, the real estate professional to be pro-active and just give them a call once in a while.

You got answers, they got questions!

Mark Douglas

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