How I met my Client (a funny Realtor story)

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This past Friday, I was going to show a foreclosure to some clients of mine. Do to their work schedule we were to meet at the house around 8:30 p.m. Now I typically do not show vacant homes at this hour, however I have been working with this couple for some time now. I got to the property first, it was very dark, in the mountains and to my surprise their was a tree that had fallen across the driveway. I decided to lock my self in and wait for them to arrive. A neighbor driving by stopped (scared me a bit) and I asked if I needed help or if I was okay. I assured them I was fine and explained I was a Realtor and my clients soon to arrive. He left and soon my clients did pull in. We took our flash lights and navigated through the down tree and viewed the home. The power was on at the house (I knew this before I went up there in the dark) and my clients loved it!! I locked up and we made it back to our cars, as my clients backed out another car approached. My clients headed out and as I went to back out the other car pulled in behind me, followed by blue lights! A nice police man approached my car and wanted to know what I was doing at a vacant home. I did my entire I am a Realtor deal and then the policeman started talking about the market. I of course asked him if he as thinking of buying or selling a home. He is indeed looking to buy and no he did not have a Realtor. I let him keep the card I gave him to show I was in fact a Realtor, not a burglar. Now I have another buyer. It goes to show it is all in how you network!

Do you have a odd or funny story of how you met one of your clients?

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