Property Tax Reform - 3 More Days

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charlie crist - fl porperty tax reform

As the session for the Property tax reform in Florida nears an end, I'm noticing a tremendous lack of information available. Not only that, but people just don't seem interested. I'll admit, it's not the most interesting subject, BUT....IT'S IMPORTANT. Maybenobody thinks anything will change (I'm sort of in this group).

I'm keeping this short and simple so people will read it. I can almost guarentee it will not receive any comments, but I wish you guys would take a few seconds and tell me how you feel. You don't need to live in Florida for this to effect you. If property taxes are eliminated (increasing the sales tax) think of how many out-of-state buyers we'll have buying, but not living here.

Please post your 2 cents. Anything. It's very important this is discussed. Does anybody think this is really going to happen? We'll find out on the 4th. I'm hoping at the very least we get homestead portability. 

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