You should have MADE me buy that house!!!

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Get ready!  I can hear it now, I have been showing homes to one couple for just about a Year, they have a criteria and have found three homes, two of which have sold during this time, so we are back to square one, recently, they lost out on a home that had been reduced 35% during this time, emailing them and explaining that they needed to MOVE on this one.  After a week of "thinking about it", the home went Pending! Yes, they kicked themselves out my office door.

This has happened to all of us I know, at least a dozen times after sitting on the fence and waiting too long a clients "dream home" sold and they asked "Well why didn't you make me buy it??"

I always use the sense of urgency and normally my clients listen and their Dream Home is a reality, but in these economic times there is no urgency, most buyers seem to think that prices are going to continue to go down.  I think we here in our market have bottomed and we see them slightly rising in certain areas and with certain properties.

Most memorable is an oceanfront home I sold in 2004, the lot next door was for sale for $80,000, my buyer was reluctant to buy the lot at the same time, he waited too long and it sold within the month, in 2005 the buyer of the lot sold it for . . . $169,000.  My client called me giggling "OK, you told me I should have bought that lot, guess that's why your a professional Realtor and I am a banker"

Life is short - Eat dessert first!!  Happy 2009!!!

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Oh U Bet....or the cash buyer with no contingencies that believes that every seller will happily turn over the keys with a gazillion dollar discount...ahhhhh fantasy land is a wonderful place, wait for no one...Happy 09 !

Jan 12, 2009 10:28 AM
Angelia Garcia
Pure Realtors - Dallas, TX

So what kind of dessert did you have in mind?

It's a crazy market.  Buyers want to blame you for not getting their offer in and losing out on the home.  I had a buyer that already owns a home but he wanted another one to move into. He only wanted to pay 30K for another home.  That is crazy to begin with.  Those homes at that price will need work/repairs.  He can not qualify for a conventional loan so I had the task of finding a home for that price in good condition.  Not gonna happen. I referred him to another agent.  The buyer began telling me that I was not fast enough in getting him a home.  No thank you!

Jan 12, 2009 10:28 AM
Richard Bowman
San Antonio, TX

this is from the current issue of Realtor magazine. It was a great article by

Overcoming Buyer Reluctance
Your sales expertise can help buyers feel comfortable jumping into a shifting market. Don't miss this exclusive excerpt from Gary Keller's new book, "Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times" (McGraw-Hill, 2009). By Gary Keller and Dave Jenks | January 2009


A simple technique to prove to potential buyers, or even sellers, that they can't perfectly time the market is to do this easy demonstration: Take out a blank sheet of paper and pen. Now, starting at the top of the paper, draw a line going down and at the same time ask the buyers to stop you when the market has bottomed out.


As long as your line keeps going straight down they won't be able to. The moment you start back up, they'll say "there!" but of course they missed the bottom. Now, keep drawing your line up while asking them to tell you when the market has peaked. Again, they won't be able to tell you until you've rounded the top and started back down. Then they'll say "there!" and once again they'll be behind the peak.


This should be a moment of truth for them. Buyers cannot perfectly time a market-no one can. The smartest people know this. They play in the safe zone. The safe zone is where smart people plan to buy and sell. Anyone who buys at the top of a market is just unlucky and anyone who buys at the bottom of a market is just lucky.

Jan 12, 2009 10:31 AM