Didn’t Your House Sell?- Don’t Give Up!

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Did you have your home on the market for six months, a year or more and it did not sell? If so, your home has become an "Expired" listing. It is obvious that something went wrong in the last six months or a year with your prior listing.

So, "What went wrong?" is the million dollar question.

Was your last agent's answer; "The Market." The shifting market does play a role but is only part of the equation.

In my opinion, the top reasons why homes fail to sell:

Improper Pricing- Who decided on the price?   Did your agent provide   factual data concerning the market conditions that was related to the value of your home? Did you choose to ignore it and request to price it substantially higher than the suggested price? If so you made the error that cost you valuable time with no results.

Did your agent agree to take the listing with no built-in price reductions or suggestions to improve the home up to the higher value standard, then the agent made an error as well.


I see sellers that go with an agent that promises the price they want or an unrealistic high price. That will not get you the TOP DOLLAR, but will make your home a stale listing that does not sell, or sell very low than what you could have imagined.


In today's market, the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS "Pricing it Right!" Disappointment today is likely to be far less expensive than it will be months down the road.

Marketing- With the power of the web, informed buyers use the Internet to find their home. It is not just listing it in the local MLS and the broker's website. It is very important to stay competitive and market aggressively.  Web marketing with rich data should be top priority!

Poor Condition- Every home needs some repair or improvement. Get a pre-listing inspection. Fix any necessary problems. Get rid of the clutter and keep a spotlessly clean house inside and out! Help the buyer connect with the house. It is important that your agent share with you ways that you could set your home among the most desirable. Don't be offended - it is for your best interest and will bring in the profit!

Communication - Did your agent go missing for weeks without any updates? Did you have to call the agent to get status updates? If you lacked constant communication, do you think a potential buyer request was promptly handled?

Accessibility- Making your home accessible and easy to show is very important. You can't expect to sell the house if you are not ready to show the house.

If your listing expired and you still NEED to sell, call me today @ 508 212 2509.

I will be happy to help you with the "Now" plan you need to get your home SOLD. 

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Bill Gassett
RE/MAX Executive Realty - Hopkinton, MA
Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate

Gail I have written about this numerous times. If you price your home improperly all your other efforts will be wasted.

Jan 14, 2009 11:22 PM

I had a listing presentation few weeks back and the owner I believe had brought in many agents to get a price. His words to me was "please give me an honest price you think my house will sell and don't give me a high price expecting to get a listing.

My answer to him was "Why would I even do it? If I do give you a unrealistic price that I know your house won't sell, it is wasting my time and yours. If your house does not sell it is going to reflect bad on me."

Some sellers do understand the importance of pricing right, while others don't. It is our duty to emphasis how important it is to price it right. We only can guide, but it is thier decision to make. However, sometimes it is better off walking away from such ridiculously priced listing than  letting it sit on the market for a long time with no activity.

Do you agree?


Jan 16, 2009 01:26 PM