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Buying a Home with a Challenged Credit

Are you fed up with making the monthly mortgage payments for your landlord--helping him get richer and richer--while you throw away your own hard-earned money?

Are you sick and tired of making payments month after month, yet having nothing of value to show for it? You're not alone. Now there's good news for people who are tired of pouring their money into someone else's investment...

People with credit challenges can still buy a home, even now after the housing and mortgage meltdown. In fact, it's better than before, because those risky teaser (6 month introductory rates) rate loans are gone, and home buyers are getting secure 35-year fixed rates instead. You can buy with as little as 1.5% down!

Not only that, but prices are down and interest rates are down and there is a possibility of the rates going even lower! People are taking advantage of the current economic situation to get a home for less money, with a cheaper monthly payment.

Help is Here for Renters Who Want to Own

You can enjoy the financial security, deep satisfaction and self-esteem that comes from home ownership. No matter what your credit has been in the past, don't give up. And whatever you do, don't get left behind!

This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you--but only if you take the first step. Your first step is to read this article in its entirety. I want you to understand that I can make available to you, names of professionals that will provide you with advice regarding the mysteries of buying a house with bad credit, you will discover that you can experience the joy and reap the financial rewards of owning your own home! Even if you have bad credit on your record.

Has it boggled your mind how other people with poor credit--perhaps even worse than your own--get home loans, while you get turned down? Have you been disappointed time and time again? Or have you been afraid to apply because of your credit? All that is about to change! Get ready to "kiss renting goodbye!"

My Mortgage Specialists have spent years working for some of the largest national lenders: Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC, and others. They have experience in mortgage retail, mortgage wholesale, and mortgage brokering. What this means to you is that they know all aspects of the mortgage business, and they know how the most unlikely candidates get approved for home loans.

Insider Knowledge Will Get You Approved

We know what goes on behind the scenes in the underwriting department, what it takes to get "an exception" when you don't meet the regular guidelines. My Specialists know what the underwriters want to see on the application, and what they want to read in your Letter of Explanation. They know exactly how people with bad credit get approved. We will help you turn a loan denial into a loan approval! When You Know How to Apply for the Right Loan, It's Like Knowing a "Secret Code."

Don't Fill Out Multiple Applications and Get Your Credit Checked Over and Over Again... If you apply for loans all over the Internet, you're just setting yourself up for heartache after heartache. Not only is it a waste of time, but with hits to your credit report by multiple companies, your credit score may be further damaged. Credit inquiries count for 10% of your credit score. You don't want to risk lowering your score, especially if you're borderline or already have a low score. You can't afford to make that mistake!

Lenders can see where you've applied for a mortgage before, and when see a lot of company names, it makes you look desperate, and then, like a shark who smells blood, they charge you more.

You have nothing to lose. There is No-Risk for you to sign up on my web site and have one of my financial team contact you for a private interview.

Contact Betty Bartusevicius for your names of my Mortgage Specialists at 905 828 3434 or directly at 416 427 1875

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