Has The Real Estate Market Hit Bottom In South Lake Tahoe, CA?

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I'm not telling you anything new that you haven't heard already when I say; "When the market is on the rise, you'll realize that the market has passed the bottom".  Isn't that the truth.  All of the buyers that I'm working with are eagerly anticipating the bottom of the market.  As you have been told over and over, nobody can predict it.  In fact many are predicting the bottom is still far away. 

If you are someone that pays attention to the statistics on a weekly basis, you may identify tell tale trends that indicate a changing market. I have been tracking the number of active listings and pending sales weekly for South Lake Tahoe for the past two years.  What I have been seeing is a consistent trend that shows declining inventories and increasing sales.  If the market continues the trend this year, it could lead to a stabilization of the market.  You could conclude that stabilization usually proceeds a market upswing. If this is true, does this mean the bottom is here?

I'm not going to be so bold as to say that the bottom has arrived but I will say "I told you so" after the fact.  Kidding aside, what I can do is show you the statistics that have been tracking and you can draw your own conclusions.  I have started to chronicle the market activity on my web site only recently.  So have a look and click here

The stats that you'll be viewing is data that has been taken from a very reliable and accurate source which is the local Multiple Listing Service of the South Tahoe Association Of Realtors. 

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