Follow the Garage Sale rules in Northglenn (or else!)

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If you're planning to hold a garage sale at your home in Northglenn this summer the city urges you to follow the rules:

1. No more than 2 sales in any calendar year. (Apparently if you have that much junk you're better off taking it to the Adams County Free Landfill Day - 88th & Tower Rd - on May 12.)

2. Your garage sale can't last more than 3 consecutive days. (Again, see the free landfill day.)

3. Signs may NOT be bigger than 4 square feet, can't be placed out more than 1 day before the event and must be picked up the next day, no more than 4 free standing signs may be put out, and signs may not be posted on publicly owned property (pinch off your neighbor's property instead.)

So there you go. Who knew there were so many requirements to having a garage sale?

Happy Garage Sale-ing and behave yourselves!

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