Fayetteville Bumping Up Impact Fees Starting March of 2009

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Fayetteville Impact FeesDevelopers and home builders better cinch their belts because Fayetteville is raising impact fees for new construction projects starting March 31st, 2009.  The impact fee is being raised from it's current $1,143 for water and sewer systems.  A $700 increase will help offset costs for improvements to pipes and lift stations associated with the new waste water treatment plant.  Of the $700 increase, $663 is going towards the water system and $37 is going towards the sewer system.

This decision to increase impact fees $700 this year was made after Duncan Associates completed a study to update the cities sewer and water impact fees.  They found that the maximum water impact fee for a single family home in Fayetteville was $2,954 and $2,631 was the maximum waste water impact fee.  This is significantly more than the current total impact fees of $1,143 so expect increases in impact fees in Fayetteville over the next few years to bring the fees up to par with the cost of maintaining Fayetteville's water and waste water infrastructure.

Please note that Fayetteville residents that are currently on a septic system will not be charged impact fees to switch over to the city's sewer service because Fayetteville is trying to encourage the use of their sewer system and decrease the use of septic systems.

While some may grumble at the additional fees as builders and developers pass on these fees to buyers, most should understand that this is a good thing that will help the city pay for much need infrastructure to keep Fayetteville clean and vibrant.

If you have any information on about Fayetteville's impact fees or any developments that need to be shared with the public...please leave a comment or shoot me an email (contact me) and I'll do my best to get the information out there.

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Fayetteville Bumping Up Impact Fees Starting March of 2009

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