Union County Property Taxes Will NOT Increase In 2009

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In a recent article written by Norman Cooper in our North Georgia News, he quoted Union County Commissioner Lamar Paris as saying this, "we have projected our 2009 expenses to be covered without a Property Tax Increase."

Property TaxBased upon a public hearing that was held back in December of 2008 where Lamar Paris went over Union County's budget for 2009, he also stated "...we are thankful with the economic slow down that we will be able to maintain our 2008 budget."

This is great news for Union County Residents here in the North Georgia Mountains. Last years Tax Increase was substantial in my opinion so it is good to hear that our Property Taxes will be remaining the same for 2009.

One thing that I also read in the article that disturbed me was the fact that there will be an increase of 3.3% for Health Care for Jail Inmates of Union County. A total of $124, 050.03 is budgeted for this year to cover this cost. Are you kidding me? One thing I don't get involved in and especially on my site is politics, but I guess I just haven't ever realized that we are paying for Criminals to have Health Care when so many Law Abiding Citizens are struggling to afford it, even if they have it! Unbelievable. Commissioner Paris went on to say, "Health Care for inmates continues to be a huge cost that is, unfortunately, a part of owning a jail." I agree Mr. Paris, it is unfortunate.

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Karyn Smith Woody
Harry Norman Realtors - Blairsville, GA

That's good news! Karyn

Jan 22, 2009 09:36 AM