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I have always strove to be at the top of my class not because this was hugely important to me but because the top ten percent of students receive about ninety percent of academic and non-academic benefit in life. This ten percent rule is something I apply to most areas of my life. That is way I came to Babson, not only because I loved entrepreneurship but because I knew I wanted to be among the top ten percent of business students nationwide. Coming to Babson, I thought that I might be overwhelmed by the intellectual giants here. However, I was inspired to work even harder, and I soon learned that I could thrive like never before among peers of this caliber. Likewise, I hope to be among the world’s best students at LSE. I hope to learn from them, to thrive amongst our collective drive and talents. I have since transferred this inspiration into my entrepreneurial ventures. In fact, my career goals have always and will always focus around entrepreneurship. In order to be a great entrepreneur, I will need to understand many different cultures. In today’s world, I do not think it is possible to perform at the highest entrepreneurial level or even be a well rounded person without understanding the international cultures which dominate the contemporary business landscape. The London School of Economics, my first choice for study abroad, is nearly unparalleled in the diversity and size of its international student base. Utilizing this resource, I want to learn the way business is conducted in England and the European Union. In addition, like at Babson, I look forward to making friends from all over the world so that I may learn something of their business cultures too. In short, through my time abroad, I hope to gain the knowledge and experience to conduct business globally by learning not only from the professors but from the people around me. It is said that the people around you are the most valuable thing we have in life. The people around us shape us in ways that money could never hope to. Once we expand the way in which we think, behave, and live – going back to ignorance is very difficult. Going to Babson has expanded my consciousness of the world in ways I could not have imagined just two years ago. Exposure to these people, of vastly different backgrounds, has allowed me to live a fuller and more successful life. I have since had opportunities and gone down paths completely foreign and eye opening. I hope to continue this experience abroad, in a place that is abroad itself to the majority of its students-LSE. With a treasure trove of human and academic resources, I hope to make many international friends as well as learn of their cultures. Additionally, I hope to sharpen my ten college units of Spanish and finally become fluent regardless of whether I am accepted to LSE or ESAD. Whether I am learning in the class room, from those around me, or from the culture I will be immersed in, I want to make the most of this experience. Find Victorville homes for sale.

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