Groceries or Medicine? Short Term Medical Lets You Have Both

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No one should go without health insurance. Accidents happen every day, and no one is invincible. One small accident could cost you thousands of dollars. Paying for medicine to take care of a stomach bug could mean you don't go grocery shopping for a couple of weeks.

But what if your employer doesn't offer any health benefits? Or what if you're still waiting for you 90-day evaluation period to end?  You may need to consider short term health insurance if:

-You're between jobs
-You're waiting for your evaluation period to finish at a new job
-You're a temporary employee
-You're an employee who was hired for the holidays
-You're a new college graduate

Short term medical insurance may seem unnecessary, but you'll be glad you have it if you get sick or injured. Besides saving you hundreds of dollars, short term medical coverage kicks in almost immediately after you buy it, and you're able to keep your own doctors.

For more information on short term medical insurance, contact us today! We're the Independent Insurance Group, based in Lauderhill, Florida.

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