Summer is Almost Here

Real Estate Agent with Florida Sun & Surf Realty Group

For many of us in Florida the winter month's are behind us and although the market has been rough a new Month has set upon us. Summer for us as agents is a time for movers, relocating families, and well money. I've spoken to many individuals that are relocating to the Treasure Coast due to jobs (i.e. coast guard, power plant etc.,) however many seem to be renting for the time. This is a  nice sign to see that business are pushing people to our little yet unspoiled coast. I am very excited about this summer and I want to encourage other agents who still call this their full-time job.Have hope and hang in there. With a new summer, I believe we have a great opportunity to service new comers. So today if your day is slow and your phone is not ringing have some hope and just wait ,only good things can happen from here on out.

 Please don't bash me if the market dives more.:)

Justin Kaatz
ASAP Mortgage - Madison, WI
I don't think it's fair to say Florida has winter months... at least not fair to a Wisconsinite like myself!
May 01, 2007 04:29 AM