Is Your Tile Shower Leaking? It May Not Be Your Shower Pan

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Is your shower leaking?
Don't jump the gun and think that you have to replace your entire shower pan.  Have yourself or a plumber do a shower pan test first.  This will determine if you really have a shower pan issue or it may be your caulking and grout.

A short definition of a shower pan consists of 3 layers A. mix of portland cement and sand that creates a substructure B. plastic liner C. mortar bed. All 3 steps together create a watertight , dense surface that is designed not to flex.The final step is  a layer of thinset applied then the tile and grout.

There could be different reasons why the shower pan can leak.

However, sometimes the problem is just removing and replacing the caulk and filling in areas where grout is missing. This will definitely save you the time and money you would have spent on a new shower floor!

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Tile Shower Before Cleaning

Tile Shower After Cleaning & Sealing

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