Become a United First Financial Agent and help people get out of debt.

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Launch a Thriving Career as an Independent Agent for United First Financial 

The real estate bubble burst suddenly, leaving hundreds of thousands of young families drowning in debt they never expected.  They're frantically looking for help - could you be one encouraging voice to these people who can lend a helping hand?

Yes. You can.

As an Independent Agent for United First Financial you can easily make money for your family while helping other families keep their homes and reduce their mortgage debt - and their worry. That's like getting paid for being a "financial angel."

As a United First Financial Agent, you set your own hours. You actually get paid to show financially stressed families how to make their money work for them. Even people with small nest eggs can learn how to get out of debt and change the course of their financial future. 

Imagine being the person who makes a difference in the lives and security of these families. If you hate sales, but like serving the needs of others, then you are a perfect candidate to become an Independent Agent for United First Financial.

What if you don't have an MBA or any banking experience? No problem. In fact, neither a college degree nor banking gives any advantage over someone like you who is sincerely interested in people, is a good listener and is willing to learn.

Aside from the feel-good rewards you'll get from guiding people in their quest to become financial solid as an Independent Agent for United First Financial, you'll reap the monetary rewards of being the agent who provided this unique solution. 


Build a Reputation as a Loan Officer, Insurance Agent, Realtor, or Network Marketer Who Goes Above and Beyond! 

Being an Independent Agent with United First Financial 

If you're already in the people-serving business, then United First Financial needs you onboard right away!

Some of our most successful independent agents are loan officers, Realtors, insurance agents and network marketing professionals looking to add another valuable service for their clients.

As an Independent Agent, you can make additional commissions providing services that your clients really want. Instead of referring them to banks or mortgage brokers, you can easily earn generous commissions by giving your clients more than great mortgage interest savings - you also teach them how to improve their financial future with the United First Financial software system.

All you have to do to get into this excellent opportunity is to complete basic training program at United First Online University. After you pass the certification exam, you're ready to teach the amazing Money Merge Account program to clients.

Since you already know these clients, you're immediately ready to help them solve mortgage problems and get their financial future on track for success.

As an Independent Agent for United First Financial, you're wrapped into a team of professionals who are ready to support you with in-person meetings and ongoing web-based training.

Imagine the reputation you'll develop as the go-to person who can: 

  • Cut Mortgage Payments Down to 8-10 Years MAX! Help Them Pay Off Their Debt Without Making Them Change Their Lifestyle!
  •  Provide Them with a Lifesaving Solution That Reserves Money for Retirement Without Forcing Them to Fork Over More Money Toward Their Mortgage Each Month!

That kind of reputation is one worth earning - because as word spreads, your personal financial success will flourish. 


How Will the Money Merge Account Help Your Customers?  

Being an Independent Agent with United First Financial 

When interest rates changed, a mortgage payment became a crushing millstone for close to a million homeowners. Young families and first time homebuyers were hit really hard with little (if any) increase in their income to save their homes.

They need help.

And that's where you come into the picture. As an Independent Agent for United First Financial, you have the lifeline they need. That lifeline is called the Money Merge Account, an exclusive program in which United First Financial solves the immediate mortgage problem - then offers long-term advantages that are unheard of in the conventional mortgage industry.

As their Independent Agent, you'll be trained in the Money Merge Account system, which helps struggling families to pay off the mortgage faster, increase cash flow and save thousands of dollars in interest each year.Young families desperately need an emergency fund with cash equivalent to three months worth of necessary expenses. But with high mortgage rates and low salaries, this much-needed fund is impossible.

Not anymore.

You can teach them how to create an emergency fund, reduce tax burdens and develop a financial plan for their future. What you learn from training at United First Online University will make a difference in developing new income sources for you while helping many others achieve the financial freedom they didn't dream possible.

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