What do you do when the Broker at the negotiating table is trying to destroy the value of your listing?

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You have a solid listing, proper pricing reflecting the current market, no major problems with the condition of the property, no adverse conditions concerning the location, you have been cordial, professional, provided answers and documentation for the transaction and then sit down with the Broker for the presentation of the offer.

The Broker unloads with a low offer, picks apart the property prior to home inspection, uses comps that are not even close to the subject property in style, number of rooms, living space and basically goes on the attack?

Tacks on a set of addendum conditions with the offer asking for closing cost consessions, home warranty, and a pre determined amount of monies for repairs.  In preparation of presenting the offer to your client what do you do? Comments.



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Roger Johnson
Hickory, NC

Your job, as the listing agent is to represent the seller, your client.  And you've really already answered your own question.

If the buyer's agent has a lowball offer presented with bad comps, unnecessary repairs, etc., then you simply explain to the sellers all that.  Mr. Seller, we do have an offer in, but I've got to say that it is very low considering the market.  They are also asking for closing costs, a home warranty and an allowance for certain repairs, which they've listed here.  Based on this, here is your estimated net with this offer, as it stands.  As YOUR agent, it is my opinion that this is just an attempt at seeing how desperate you are to sell, and the buyer is hoping that they can get a steal.  I think that we can get a much better offer in time, but the final decision is up to you.  Do you have any questions?

Jan 17, 2009 10:52 PM