The Beginning of 2009...

Real Estate Agent with Empire Realty Associates, Inc.

It seems everywhere you turn the 'speak' is doom & gloom - just walk down a street and listen to people's conversations, turn on the TV or the radio!

Well, for myself I have decided that that isn't good enough for me this year and that I am going to have a fantastic business year. Last year I listened too much resulting in a 'not so good year' - not 2009!

My clients and I are going to do great things this year! We are going to get their homes sold for the highest & best prices possible, my buyers are going to get phenominal interest rates on their loans and purchase great homes for great prices! Both will move on to the next phase of their life knowing they did the very best they could and enjoyed the process.

The reality of our market is that we are seeing pockets where porperties are holding their value while others have seen upwards of 30% decline. We have optomistic views that when our new President steps in that for the most part our lives are going to become better. I do believe that when people start to think this way, they follow in the direction of their thoughts which will help make the changes toward improving our economy. Today I heard Joel Singer speak, he is with the California Association of Realtors, and their opinion is that we have passed the bottom of the Real Estate market which was the last quarter of 2007. His reasoning of this is, based on the fact that, this was when the lowest number of real estate sales took place compared to the last quarter of 2008 when that number had doubled - he is right. No the prices haven't gone back to where they were however, the buyers are back in the market!

Let's make it a great year for us all!

Sandi Mitchell



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