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Selecting cabinets for a new construction home can appear to be a simple task - but there is a lot to consider when choosing cabinets for your new to be built home.  Kitchen, bath, laundry and storage cabinets are one of the bigger ticket items that can make or break the deal but also have an impact on the re- saleability of your home if you decide or need to sell it later.

Wood Cabinets - low cost builder grade wood cabinets consists of particle board covered with a thin wood veneer.  particle board is larger granule sawdust fibers and glue pressed together under great pressure. Issues with this material include breakage under greater torque from tight screw installation.  This causes loss of integrity of the box structure.

The next step up is MDF material instead of article board with a wood veneer on top.  Better cabinets are those made with plywood which are boards with a veneer covering.   

You have two types of cabinets framed and unframed.  The most popular, especially in the mid-west are framed cabinets.  Most of our framed box cabinets are solid wood framed.  There are two kinds of face framed cabinets.  Want to make sure your dinner plates will fit?  You will be looking at a solid wood cabinet with rails inside and at the top to screw the cabinet to the walls.  Cheaper cabinets have the rails at the bottom which get in the way of your plates. 

Doors are the expensive part of the cabinet as the design and carving as well as finish determines the cost.  So how do you know how to choose?  Where should you put your money in the home?  Having your Realtor (not the builder's Realtor) to assist you with selecting the various options on the home can help you be sure you are putting the dollars where they should be spent and that you are not over spending.  Some items may not be appropriate for a new construction first time home.  Be sure you select a Realtor who knows new construction to assist you in working with your builder and negotiating price.

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