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Omaha Nebraska Real Estate Short Sales

Real Estate Sales Representative with RE/MAX Real Estate Group

After getting over my initial fear, here i go! For the past 20 years, starting with the Resolution Trust Corporation which bailed out banks in the 1980's, my business has grown to where now I have an abundance of foreclosed homes and short sales. Is that a bad thing? For the seller, yeah. My goal now is to keep the seller out of foreclosure mode and into short sale mode. Why? Let's talk about the 300 credit score dip with a foreclosure; a loss of security clearance if you're military; an inability to buy another home for 5-10 years; a deficiency judgement for a whole lot of money. We're not even going to discuss the embarrassment, humiliation, fear, anxiety, and total stress which affects the entire family, not just the mortgagor.

I am not a Pollyanna, but these folks are not the bad guys. Terrible times, terrible situations. If you or anyone you know is experiencing difficulty making house payments, are upside down on your mortgage,  owe more on your mortgage than a buyer is wiling to pay, or are behind on your payments, let's talk short sale. Not all the lenders will agree to do it, but it's worth the shot. Lots of paperwork, lots of nailbiting, lots of long escrows,but the end result can be a big difference in your future.