Hidden Springs Idaho: Old Town Family Values

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I would like to share a quick story that illustrates why Hidden Springs, Idaho is such a fantastic place to live. This happened to a friend of mine and I was totally surprised to hear of something like this still occurring in 2009.  My friend needed a quick treat for her family and so she headed down to the small grocery store known as the Mercantile to pick up some ice cream. The store was about to close and the clerk was counting up the money from the till for that day. My friend apologized for only having cash and said she would run and grab her credit card to save the clerk some time from recounting. The clerk told her not to worry about it but that she could swing by tomorrow and pay for it (which of course she did). Wow!! This level of trust and confidence in your clientele isn’t something you see everyday. This reminds me of scene from the Andy Griffith show, not something that you would expect from someone living in our day. This is one of the benefits of living in a small community – everyone knows everyone. People can trust their neighbors and know that they will follow through on what they say they will do. These so-called old fashioned values are what America is built on and are a breath of fresh air. This quick example speaks to the great people that make up Hidden Springs.



Lisa Levanger

Silvercreek Realty Group




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