Polar Bears, Baby Seals and Respect

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I am a Girl Scout volunteer.  Last week our troop was meeting and making decisions about our cookie sales this year.  Toward what will our profits go?  What group will we choose as our Hometown Heroes?  I don't know if we were punchy or what, but the following idea evolved.  We've all seen the commercials about the polar bears and how their habitat is shrinking.  Maybe we should feed the polar bears.  They'll be our Hometown Heroes.  "Please buy girl scout cookies.  Your donations to our hometown heroes will go to buy baby seals to feed the polar bears!"polar bear

We laughed a long time at that thought.  Like I said, maybe we were punchy and I'm sure there are those of you whom I have just offended.  However, as I thought about telling this story, it occurred to me that sometimes our intentions are good when we treat someone or a group of "someones" special.  We often end up hurting other "someones"!  Hey my story has a point.  :o)

Maybe we should try to treat each and every individual who crosses our path in the way we would like to be treated by others.  Hmmm... that sounds familiar.

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