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 Illinois Foreclosure Experts                                                   I actually had my office space up for sale in December of 2007.  I was struggling, I let go of my bookkeeper, kept  cutting my secretaries  hours and was getting more worried every week watching  a lot of local offices,  R/Max closed several local offices, GMAC folded their offices, Prudential closed offices, C21 offices, you name it they were closing offices.  Even a few of my fellow Exit offices closed.  I figured I was doomed because I received NO calls on the office for sale so I knew I needed to at least try something different to survive.  

I'm NOT a quitter and I knew there had to be a way to make money in this upside down market.   I figured short sales were most likely going to continue for a few more months, so I started investigating classes.  Many classes wanted $600 for their course upfront...yeah right...that's part of my rent money!  What are they thinking in this economy?  And then there were the monthly courses that you could take with NO live support, so basically learn online, much like Continuing Ed and then there you what do you do next? You got a wonderful education all on what a short sale is and the forms to what?

I blog quite often, so I decided to take a stroll through the blogs and read some of the testimonials on other short sales classes, both good and bad and vowed to check them all out.  Well I spent about 3 weeks researching, emailing (many NEVER replied) buying a few books, and even calling to interview these companies.

I called Harris Real Estate University and spoke to Ruschele, she explained the process, told me the cost was a minimal monthly fee (WOO to my ears) and that I would be assigned a personal coach to help me anytime I needed help.  For NO extra cost!  WOW!  She also told me this was a learn at your own pace kind of program.  Wow, learn at my own pace!  I was desperate...I knew I could learn quickly!  Well 3 days later...Ms. Short Sale Sponge had absorbed tons of information, enough to be dangerous and enough to get started with the process .  I started sending out letters and within my first week had 4 calls and took 3 listings.  This was quite easy!  During my second week, since I was taught in this wonderful program how to price the short sale listings right, I received offers on 2 of those listings, received 2 more calls, took another 2 listings and really started getting excited!   Once my paper work was turned in to the lenders, there were a few times when I needed help and Harris allowed Coach Ruschele to be my coach and let me tell you folks, she ALWAYS got back to me within hours. 

The other thing that I LOVE about Harris is they have 2 live broadcasts a week (at no extra cost) and that's where we learn about the newest changes in the laws, the rules, etc.  You can listen at any time because they post the broadcasts for your listening pleasure at your convenience.  This is important if you are going to run a  successful business and profess to be an expert in your field.   They are constantly telling you SECRETS, SECRETS that make this process simpler.  They are Realtors that have been doing this for years and they KNOW first hand from their own experience.  Go ahead, ask the other coaching programs or Short Sale Programs that are for sale how many short sales they have done and closed!   The Harris Real Estate University is  always ahead of the game with the latest information.   Last month they rolled out a  Loan Modification course and we just starting doing those as well.  More ways to make money and get more short sale leads.  Ching Ching!

It's not all about the money folks, I believe if you give it will come back 10 fold and let me tell you, I have actually sat at a kitchen table and cried with a couple that were going though such devastating circumstances, you couldn't help but feel their pain .  For me the chance to help some of these people is more rewarding than any amount of money.  And the fact that I can help my agents survive means a lot to me as well.    

Here's my office, in the mist of the winter storms and our BAD selling season,  sitting with 115 short sale listings, 34 PENDING deals as of today and 6 more listing appointments myself, this weekend alone.   And these are ALL listings...I don't work with buyers!   How many of you can say that?  Dare to reinvent yourself.   Forget about the agents that tell you the stories about how awful short sales are.  I have a 98% success ratio closing my short sales,  I have agents waiting to come on board, I am looking at opening a second office and all of this is thanks to The Harris Real Estate University.

Posted by Vicki Watzlawick, Broker Owner, CERTIFIED Illinois Foreclosure Expert, LITH, IL





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Don Eichler
Eichler Properties - Granbury, TX

Vicki, Very good post I am forwarding it to my wife's office.

Jan 20, 2009 12:17 PM
Vicki Watzlawick
CORE Realty (The Watz Team) - Algonquin, IL
Illinois Foreclosure Expert, The Watz Team

Thanks Don,  I don't often brag about some of the services I use, but these people honestly put me back on track to a having a GREAT business again  and they deserve the recognition.  If your wife needs any help, tell her to call me.  Thanks for commenting and not being one of those secret agents that reads and runs.

Jan 21, 2009 12:16 AM