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It's been awhile since I posted anything. But a lot has happened. I am no longer selling Real Estate. Why? Well I need to start at the beginning to get the end right.

In 2003 I had a great career. The best one anybody could have. It was my dream job. I was an airline pilot for American Airlines. As far back as I can remember into my childhood, that is what I wanted to do.  So my life revolved around that one dream. One of my favorite lines in Steven Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is "Begin with the end in mind." So growing up, I had an end in mind. The cockpit of an airliner. Despite USAir's recent off airport landing, it is still the best job in the world and pilots are grossly underpaid. The flight deck crew was the first at the scene of the water landing. They did an amazing and outstanding job, which allowed the Cabin Crew to do their amazing and outstanding job of getting the passengers out. There by the grace of God....

Anyway, back to why I left Real Estate. Well the first question to ask is why in the world did I leave my dream job for Real Estate. I didn't leave it on purpose. It was quite literally by accident. The statistics show that flying is safer than driving. I am the living poster child for that statement. I was on my way to the airport and exactly one mile from the airport when a car in the left lane decided to be in my lane. Problem was that my car was where he wanted to be. End of career. The injuries I sustained in that accident caused the FAA to medically de-certify me from flying. Now what!

After spending a year waiting to die (thankfully I did not), I decided to try Real Estate Sales. After all, I do have a degree in Business Administration/Marketing. Why waste that expensive education. I did work for Xerox after college for 5 years in sales. Why waste that experience.  I knew I did not like the Monday-Friday 9-5 routine. I knew I needed something that was going to be different every day. I knew I would need to be challenged constantly. I knew I needed to work with technology. It seemed that Real Estate fit those bills. What the heck, I don't have anything else to do for the next 40 or so years.

So off to school I went. Then the test. Then find a broker. So far so good. I set up my marketing strategy, and set up my website. Got some leads and followed up on them. The result was that I sold some houses. Seems good so far. But I didn't like my website. So I started really working on my internet image and marketing. That was really the fun times. I really liked the website and the challenge of getting it on and keeping it on the first pages of the search engines.  The problem was that I was getting leads. (Remember the market was on fire then.) The leads took time away from my marketing and web site duties. So I ignored the leads or gave them away. In the mean time, the some of the other agents wanted help setting up their computers, web sites and marketing plans. I was really glad to help because then I didn't have to deal with those pesky leads. Ya know how you sometime avoid the necessary stuff to do the fun stuff? That was me. As a result, I did not sell any houses. Hmmm What to do about that.

During the same time, my oldest son was trying to decide on college plans. He asked me what he should do for a career. My advice was to find something you love. Do that and the money will come.  Then came the obvious question. "Mom? Why are you doing something you hate? Why don't you do something you love?" My well thought out response was "I found my love one time and lost it. I will never find that love again." To which he responded "so you only love one thing? It seems you also love working on computers and web sites." Oh from the mouth of babes. That hit me right in the gut. Shut up kid, we are talking about you. "Mom?" Now what is he going to say. "Why don't you lead by example?"  Now I am thinking "why did I pay for that private school education. He is using it against me."

So now I am leading by example. So a little over a year ago I put my license in referral and started working with Real Estate agents to help them market themselves and their web sites. I keep their web sites updated and fresh. I coordinate with them on their other marketing ideas. I save them from spending money on the "next best expensive lead generation tool".  And 5 years after my accident I am finally happy again. I feel like I have a life and direction again. Will I ever go back to American Airlines? Someday I hope I can. But if I can't, then I know I will be ok. I am looking forward to being able to fly my two general aviation airplanes by myself. Right now I fly with friends who have a valid license. But my goal for 2009 is to get medically recertified for general aviation. I will work on the commercial side another year. One step at a time.  For now I am happy designing web sites and working with technology. So why did I leave Real Estate? I guess because in order to be a good role model for my kids, I have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  Nothing more than that.

I hope someone can get something from this. This has been an incredible journey and it is not over yet. We never know what the fates, God, or other higher power is going to throw at us. We have to learn to roll with the punches and keep living, loving and growing. Until next time, stay safe and have a great month.


Next up is: Tools and Tips for keeping your website up to date.

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Aron Bailey Bruser
Win-Win Home Staging & Redesign - Huntingdon Valley, PA

Well!  Thanks for sharing this intimate post Julliet.  I reall didn't know your entire story (as if this is the entire story!)  I am happy you have found that joyful purpose again and have no doubt you will be flying at any level you wish (one step at a time).  Keep living, loving, laughing, staying optimistic, and giving...healing happens!!!

Mar 13, 2009 06:37 AM