A New Year

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I have just returned from my vacation and realized that I had not made any New Years Resolutions. I was very busy reveling in the excitement of winning the "Gendel Cup", when you have a moment call me and I will explain. Here are the easy resolutions, eat smart, lose weight, work harder, use my time wisely and refocus (perform better). Now the hard ones, Listen more, Embrace change, Be brave, Grow, Get closer to my Banker, Save cash and Clean out my e-mail inbox.

Is it realistic I'll achieve all of this in 2009? Perhaps not, but drawing up this list has set my course. These resolutions might help to change my day-to-day labor but the following thoughts I have resolved will give new direction to my life:


Work like you don't need the money.

Love like you want to be loved.

Dance like no one is watching.


My final thought is a quote from a great baseball pitcher, Satchel Page, "You win a few, you lose a few, some get rained out but you got to dress for all of them".


Have a wonderful 2009. 

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