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When Real Estate Comes At You, It Comes at You FAST!

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I am a Master Salesperson. As Such, I am always guided to say and do the things that contribute to my success. Each day, I walk and talk like the master salesperson that I am. . .This is part of an affirmation that I learned from my Sweathogs training, which was an intense 9 week brain brusier, group real estate training conducted by Ed Escobar. I am, all of a sudden, busier than I could have imagined just two weeks into the new year.

I spent at least a year networking and finally the referrals are coming in, which is a great supplement to my daily prospecting activities.

I thought that since this is my first blog entry, I would divulge some of my secrets that might you help in your real estate business. Of course, what works for me, may not work for you. So, be patient. Try, tweak, rinse and repeat.

1. I have a commanding web presence. I have two website working for me with lead capturing systems in place so that I can meet both buyers and sellers. $200 per month or $2400 for the year, ROI $10,000-$20,000.

2. I work open houses. I hold as many as I can for an opportunity to meet people (I've sold two of my own open houses myself and the trick is to PRICE IT RIGHT i.e. creating value so that buyers can pull the trigger).

3. I cold call a neighborhood only when I have something positive to say.

4. I work FSBO leads. After contacting 3 Fsbo's, maybe 1-2 listing presentations later, I can convert one listing into business (Call FSBOs and Expireds-1 hour per your business day). you have to have the inventory to get the business. Listings are still the name of the gave. I have a personal goal. I am not be able to sell the listing. This happens only when the seller decides to not price it right or not sell in general. I am fortunate to close one buyer lead from each listing I've ever had. So, you have to have the inventory.  

5. When I work as a buyer's agent, I conduct a buyer's consultation and ask the hard questions. I want to know how much money my clients have to make the deal happen. I might not need to know specifics, but I find out enough so that I get them into a house that makes them a successful homeower.

I know what you are thinking writing about now. How simple? Yes, I keep things simple. There's so much other there to make life complicated, why add to the mix? I uncomplicate things so that people know what to expect from me.

For an sample of the Sweathogs Training, visit my Biz Networking site called BizIntros.com. Join for free and listen to a sample of Ed Escobar. I encourage you to buy additional CDs from his site and even attend one or more of his training sessions. It's simply that GOOD!