Loan Modifications Can Help Anybody, Even you

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Many people today have loans for various reasons from a mortgage to buy a home, to personal or business loans. Such loans are normally paid back at a set amount each month for a fixed term and when this term ends the loan ends as the loan amount plus any interest has been paid back in full. There are times however when a lender may find it hard or even impossible to make the agreed regular repayments on their loan and this is where loan modification can help.

Loan modification is a way of changing the terms and conditions of the original loan you took out so that the borrower can continue to pay but normally at a reduced rate which is more affordable. This type of loan modification will mean that the loan term is extended but this works in the favour of the lender as they are not financially stretched each month and the repayments are still being met.

In other types of loan modification the lender may agree to change the loan rate, which means that the lender will pay a lower rate of interest on his or her repayments. This money can then be added to the back of the loan which results in lower repayments but for a slightly longer term. When loan modification is done in this way it helps the borrower to avoid their credit rating falling and the borrower is secure in the knowledge that the loan will continue to be repaid.

Some people look towards loan modification if they suddenly find themselves out of work and are unable to make their loan repayments. When this happens it makes more sense for the lender to agree to a ‘payment holiday' for the borrower on the condition that the loan repayments begin again on a set date. Once again the cost of the missed payments are tagged onto the back of the loan term and it extends it slightly.

Loan modification is definitely the right option if you have previously been making your loan repayments on time each month as this will work in your favour. If you think that getting a loan modification would help you there are different ways that you can go about it. You could seek out the services of a financial expert who will be able to tell you if you qualify for a loan modification and will then help you to arrange one. However if you are in financial hardship the last thing you want is to have to spend even more money in fees to arrange your modification, which you can't afford. Instead you could look towards a DIY loan modification kit which will help you to arrange your own modification without your costs running into hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

So if you are finding it hard to meet your monthly loan commitments and want to either take a break from your repayments or reduce them a loan modification could be just what you need.

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Steve Richman
Genworth Financial - Raleigh, NC

Do you find many allowing loan mods if you are not behind on your mortgage?

Jan 17, 2009 03:31 AM