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I don't understand. I mean I REALLY don't get it!

Every day you see it on the TV, blogs, websites, radio (you get the picture) people are demanding equality for "their group" or acceptance of "their group" and yet they do not offer what they demand.

How can you say we are the United States of America yet we seperate ourselves at every opportunity.

The recent elections were a good example. Some said they voted for Obama becuase he was black, others voted for Clinton because she was female, McCain becuase he was Republican. None of those reason should even be considered when voting. I mean, why wouldn't we vote for someone because they were just the best qualified candidate?

Is this really what we, as a human race, have come to? Have we advanced so far that we have left behind the value of people?

This is one of those posts that some comments could cause someone to get very worked up about and that is ok. Let's just keep our wits about us as we read and reply.

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I feel they advertise the candidates to individuals and not as a whole.  Unfortunately...

Jan 17, 2009 06:19 AM
Charles McDonald®
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I actually think as a nation we are getting better, but there is so much media out there that it seems greater... just my thought on it.

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Charles McDonald 

Jan 18, 2009 12:14 AM