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Blessed Abode: Rites of Clearing, Protection and New Beginnings

Real Estate Agent with Melody L Anderson

Many religions offer ceremonies for spiritually clearing homes.


Having lived in New Mexico for many years, with its convergence of so many rich cultures and traditions,  I have attended a number of house-warming ceremonies in which homes were blessed and cleared of any possible negative energies.

I recalled some of those practices today in conversation with a couple who were interested in a home for sale, but who didn’t like the idea of buying a home in which the former owner had passed.  They hadn’t heard of house blessings before  and so I offered to research some of the customs I have witnessed, and write about them.

From what I have experienced personally, whether the ritual is conducted by a Catholic priest, some Buddhist monks, a Shaman, or the homeowners themselves (as may be encouraged by theEpiscopalian church), the essence of the ritual remains the same:  utilizing a combination of prayers, candles, incense, chants or holy water; negativity and evil are driven away while a spirit of peace, happiness, protection and well-being are welcomed in.

Home blessings are are also conducted in other traditions lesser known  to those of us in the Midwest: Hindus may perform a fire ritual, a Qigong Master will attempt to restore the balance of chi, and from Hawaii there remains the enduring tradition of asking God to remove all suffering, to bless the home and to insure happiness.

Of all the videos I found of house blessings and clearings, perhaps the most unusual and unexpected story came from Ohio, in which a scientist hired a new age spiritualist to find and clear negative energies from a home that simply could not seem to make it to closing.  (We’ve all been in that place, I suppose, where we’re ready to try anything, as crazy as it sounds.)  Reportedly, two days after the clearing, the house went under contract for $15,000 more than had ever been offered before - and it closed.

As a potential home buyer said to me this afternoon, “Even if it helps me to mentally get past the idea of someone having died in that house, a house blessing may well be worth exploring.”