Is Re Inspecting Sewers before close a good idea?

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I want to tell you a quick story about a client  I just closed.

Short Sale in Colorado with owners still residing in the home and moving out day of closing. Question comes up "how clean do you want the home?" keeping in mind this place has had little attention to things like clenliness in the last 5 months. "Well, clean things up if you can, we would all appreciate it". Long story short, with no trash cans in the home after move out...where do you throw clorox wipes? Appearantly down the toilet drain. In a 55 year old home with a cottonwood tree in the front the sewer was scoped and cleaned out, but like always it still has a few rough ends that can hang onto debris.

After a sewer plug up and several loads of laundry and took very little time for the basement to flood and sewage to back up through the drains. Upon the plumbers visit, he extracts about a whole container of disinfectant wipes about 30 feet down the line stating "these are about the worst things you could flush!"

A disaster recovery team and insurance claim later, things flow fine.

Is it worth bartering with your sewer inspector to come back out? It may be worth it! He gets a fair price for the initial scope, paid to rooter the line.....see what he would offer to come back out and double check the line right before may be surprised. If not, offer to pay him 50% (or whatever you think is fair as you know your inspectors).

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