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Maine Waterfront Property - New Ways to Help Your Search

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Over the last couple of years we have been refining the search capabilities on our website to make it easier for potential buyers of Maine lakefront property to find what they're looking for - even if they're not sure exactly what it is they're looking for.

With our Lakefront Locator you can search all of the currently listed lakefront and lake access properties in Maine. You can search by region, by price, by lake, and by town. We have further tweeked our capabilities by allowing you to list properties from the lowest to highest in price, or from the highest to lowest.

Last year we added a "Map It" function where, if the address is available and searchable, you can click on the "Map It" button and a Google map will come up, locating the property listing on it. Our users find this is a pretty cool feature.

Now we've added a couple of more features to start the new year off right.

Once you've done a search, you can now have the selected properties not only listed from lowest to highest by price, but also sorted by town. For example, if your search turns up ten properties in three different towns, it will list the properties by town, then by price.

We've also added a feature called "How Far". When you plug in the criteria for your search, you will now find a place to put in your zip code. When your selected property listings appear you can click on the "How Far" button and it will tell you the distance in miles and the drive time of how far the selected property is from the zip code you entered. We think you'll find this very helpful and good information to have.

So, take advantage of all the tools found on our Lakefront Locator. There's no obligation on your part and it will save you lots of time - whether you're just beginning your search for a Maine lakefront home, or you're in the last stages and are ready to come have a look. Just click on the hotlink and you're on your way!