Home Staging and what it can do for you.

Home Stager

Home Staging- the Goal:

The goal is to make a good first impression, allowing the buyer to imagine themselves living in the homeHome staging is a design system of creating a " product " out of your home.  Making it, in a sense, a " model home ". As any succesful product, it needs to appeal to as many of its target marketing customers as possible.

Home Staging- why:

A Staged home appears wellcared for and in " move-in " condition, without additional expense from the buyer. It not only looks better in real life, but also on pictures in an advertisement or on the internet.

According to Canadian Staging Professional staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes. Staging is a great investment; a small amount invested can return several times that in the selling price of your home.

Home Staging - how:

The idea is to " de-clutter and de-personalize " your property. But of course it is not that simple; we will also highlight the home's best features, while downplaying its perceived weakness.  During our initial consultation, the consultant will take notes and pictures of every area of the property, both the interior and exterior.  She will prepare a individualized report, with a quick staging checklist that comes in handy before every viewing or open house. It will also include (where necessary) a furniture arrangement plan, paint colour samples, renovation idea's and of course always detailed staging advice.

Upon receipt of this detailed report you can decide to stage your home your self, or you have the option to let us do the work for you!





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