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Are We at the Bottom?

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People ask me all the time are we at the bottom?  The tough part about that questions is we won't know until we've hit the bottom and are on our way back up.  Then we'll look back and say "Oh, the bottom was 6 months ago", which is too late to hit "the bottom".

At any rate, the longest recession since 1937 we have seen recessions has been 16 months.  According to NAR, our recession started in December of 2007.  Sixteen months would bring us to April of 2009.  If we actually see a trend that is as long as 16 months the light at the end of the tunnel is just ahead.  Yes, the nation is on the edge, companies are makeing HUGE cut backs, and change is happening today in the White House, but I'm looking forward to see what this clensing does for our economy.  We, including myself, need to get back to basics.  First God, then Family, then Work, then everyone else...should be our priorities.

Don't wait on legislatures to stimulate the economy!  If you are on the fence to buy a house, now is the time.  Prices are low, interest rates are at record lows, and the market will come back.  Remember rules of buying stocks?  Buy LOW, Sell HIGH.  Well....we are having a SALE in Real Estate and LOW prices for homes and the stock market are now available. 

Millionaires are made in this type of economy...is it going to be you?

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