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In the morning I meditate.  It gives me a good start to my day and I use a deck of spiritual cards to guide my daily actions.  The card I keep pulling up time and time again is the "Make a Decision" card.

In my brain, I've argued with the card.  I say, but I don't have anything to decide upon.  WRONG!  Every day offers choices.  I can choose to have a positive attitude.  I can choose to behave with integrity.  I can choose to take care of my health.  I can choose where or when to spend my money.  Each day, each moment, has a decision associated with it.

So, instead of refusing the "Make a Decision" card, I thought I'd accept it.  Today, I'm making a decision to be openly receptive to change.  Usually, I resist change, but as we saw in an earlier Active Rain blog, the only thing constant is change.  So, if change is on the horizon for me, I gladly welcome it into my life.

Who knows?  It may be a change for the better.  I'll only know if I accept it.

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OOOhhhmmmmm.  It looks like someone made a decision about your points on this blog entry.  Maybe they are looking for more real estate info.

Jan 20, 2009 04:43 AM