A New Era Of Hope

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What a week so far!  Two very important days have occurred right next to each other.  Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, where we are reminded that "I Have A Dream".  Today, we inaugurated our first African-American President, Barack Obama.  Wow!  We have witnessed history, folks.

Our 2008 economy was similar to a devastating wildfire that destroyed indiscriminately.  But wildfires have benefits, too.  They clear out the old, dead, and weak--allowing for new growth to take place.  2009 is a year of new opportunity, new growth, and new direction.

I urge you to continue your good work.  To continue to reuse, recycle, restore, regroup, and re-engage in 2009 to make things better for the good of all.

Here's to President Obama and his new administration.  Here's to us.  May we continue our progress toward new hopes, new dreams, and restored brother and sisterhood among all communities and all nations.

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